A Netflix Australia Guide Can Show You All The Shows You’re Missing

As a new subscriber, you are probably excited about the shows and the movies you are going to watch with your Netflix Australia. With so many shows and movies to choose from, it can be confusing and somehow overwhelming. The good thing is, you can begin your venture with Netflix Australia guide. In here, the shows and movies are categorized from horror, comedy, variety, action and cartoons.

Korean Films

Indeed, one of the most exciting and romantic series you can watch on cable TV or Asian TV is the Korean films. In fact, the film Sassy Girl starring Elisha Cuthbert is inspired by its original My Sassy Girl with the famous Asian superstar Jun Ji-Hyun. There are many Korean films you can expect including action and romantic film such as “A Man Called God” and “Click Your Heart”

Kids And Cartoons

For your children, they can simply enjoy cartoons featuring the famous DreamWorks films such as How To Train Your Dragon and Puss In Boots Series. They can also enjoy Disney Channel, Disney Animated Films, and Pixar Inc. Films. In case you want to introduce your children of something retro, you cannot go wrong with the adventure of super Mario Bro. 3.

American Films

You won’t miss a thing in The Vampires Diaries at the Netflix Australia. You can watch the series from the first season up to the 6th season with 22 episodes each.  In case that you are one of the millions of fans of Dr. Gregory House, you can watch the full season of House M.D. from Season 1 up to Season 8.

Netflix Australia Original

Of course, the Netflix Australia guidewould not be completed without featuring the Netflix original including The Last Kingdom featuring 8 episodes. Bloodline, Bo Jack Horsemen, Dawn of the Croods, Derek and much more.